Gym Class

In November 2023, groups of principals set aside a morning to visit classrooms in several different school districts in our region.

The ESD's Instructional Services Department coordinates and pulls together the educator groups who participate in traveling to the various schools.

"For school leaders, Instructional Rounds delivers a solid return on the investment of their time," said Amy Taranko, the ESD's Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services.

"The leaders are able to observe and talk about a variety of teaching and classroom management practices," explained Amy. "This helps them affirm the good strategies they're already doing back in their districts and also helps them see new possibilities as well."

An example of a valuable and inspiring Instructional Rounds visit was the group's observation of the Adaptive P.E. Class at Hart High School taught by Brad Francis.

The Adaptive P.E. Class combines 18 general education students with 9 students with disabilities from the ESD's program for Moderate Cognitive Impairments (MoCI) located in Hart High School.

While Brad is a teacher for Hart Public Schools, the MoCI program (also known as the Oceana County Stargazers) is taught by Special Education Teacher Mia Altland from the ESD. Her students range in age from 16-26.

It's a local school district and ESD partnership that benefits every student

With Brad's uncanny ability for nurturing peer-to-peer support, all 27 students in Adaptive P.E. learn from each other and build relationships.

"My objective is to structure a class that sparks movement and physical activity for every student," said Brad. "And because the students enjoy and encourage each other so much, it happens!"

Rebekah Tate and Nic Michael will receive their HPS diplomas together this spring

Students in Mia's MoCI program who have visual impairments or are in wheelchairs also get in their exercise with the support of ESD paraprofessionals Kim Scofield and Jeannie Miskosky.

"It's easy to see why Brad's Adaptive P.E. Class impressed everyone in the Instructional Rounds group," said Amy. "This is just one example of the fantastic teaching and learning taking place throughout our region that few people are fortunate enough to see in action."