Information for Interested Students

Want to apply to ASM Tech?

Applications are available from your high school counselor at the following area high schools:

Lake County:

  • Baldwin

Manistee County:

  • Manistee

  • Onekama 

Mason County:

  • Ludington

  • Mason County Central

  • Mason County Eastern

Oceana County:

  • Hart

  • Pentwater

  • Shelby

  • Walkerville

Application Timeline

January and February:

  • ASM Tech Presentations to sophomores at high schools

  • Interested Student Meetings at high schools

  • Family Informational Meetings

  • Applications available from high school counselors


  • Schedule and take the Accuplacer test (plus retakes, if necessary)

  • Schedule and complete a Family Interview (in-person or virtually)

  • Complete written Application Packet (red folder from high school counselor)


  • Applications due to high school counselors on the first Friday in March

  • Local Selection Committees meet to review applications

Early April:

  • Students are notified.  (Selected Student Packets, and Non-Selected letters, are mailed.)

Want an application? See your high school counselor.

Family Informational Meetings

In Person: (Check back for dates)

  • Baldwin Community Schools

  • Hart Community Center

  • Manistee ISD

  • West Shore ESD

Virtual: (Check back for dates)

  • Saturday, February

Helpful Links:

West Shore Community College APPLICATION  (Must be completed at least 2 business days prior to taking the Accuplacer Test.)

Accuplacer Test - Practice Resources

West Shore Community College Degree Programs

5_year_early_college_high_school_chart. 9th Grade - you are a student at your local high school. 10th grade - you are a student at your local high school. You apply for ASM Tech... Admissions decisions are made in early April. 11th grade - you are a student at your local high school. Meet monthly with otherASM Tech Juniors to prepare for full-time college next year. 12th Grade. You are a student at ASM Tech Early College HIgh School on the campus of West Shore Community College. Sports, clubs, dances, and walk at graduation. 13th Grade Youa re a student at ASM Tech Early College High School, in college full-time. Graduate in May - most graduates have an  Associate degree