Special Education Programs

West Shore Educational Service District provides classroom program service to students from all local school districts within Lake, Mason, and Oceana Counties. Our programs serve students with developmental disabilities and moderate and severe disabilities.

Teacher high-fiving a student


The WSESD operates special education program classrooms located at the WSESD building and in local school districts.

WSESD operates the following programs:

  • Early Childhood Special Education

  • Moderate Cognitive Impairment

  • Severe Cognitive Impairment

  • Severe Multiple Impairment

  • Reintegration Program

  • Employability Skills Class

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Pamela Kelly
231-861-6629 x1501

Erica Duncil
231-845-7303 x2504

Special Education Teacher MoCI

Mia Altland
231-873-6210 x1685

Nicole Boerema
231-845-7303 x2171

Rachel Grimes
231-845-7303 x2071

Maureen O'Neill
231-873-0386 x1686

Lauren Soper
231-845-3820 x3110

Tonya Springer
231-861-4521 x3714

Andrea Wegener
231-757-1128 x1683

Special Education Teacher SCI

Lisa VanDrunen

Special Education Teacher SX

Reintegration Program Teacher

Abbie Huizinga

Employability Skills Program Teacher

Aric Miller