Program Overview

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ASM Tech Early College High School:

What are we?

The Academy of Science, Math, and Technology Early College High School (ASM Tech) is one of over 20 Early/Middle College High Schools in Michigan. 

A high school that is funded like any other public high school in the state.

A high school on the campus of West Shore Community College, limited to 30-40 students per grade level.


Who are we? 

A collaboration between West Shore Community College, the West Shore Educational Service District, and the Manistee Intermediate School District, in partnership with 12 area high schools.


What are we NOT? 

A program for every student in the area.

A replacement for the Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Dual Enrollment.


How do students get into ASM Tech? 

Each school district from Mason, Lake, Oceana and Manistee County is guaranteed the selection of two qualified students. More than two may be selected, based on availability and number qualified applicants. 

Applications are to be completed and returned to your local school counselor; selection of ASM Tech students is made by a local committee.


What are we here to do? 

Increase the number of students in the region attending college.

Increase the number of students in the region succeeding in college.

Give students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers a head-start on college. 


What’s in it for the students? 

Free West Shore Community College tuition and fees for 2 years.

Free college books and required materials for 2 years.

Support from our College Success Coordinator to help your academic journey.

Full access to WSCC and its activities, events, and services.


What does an “Early College” look like? 

Students will be enrolled in high school for a total of five years. 

First two years will be at their local high school.

Third year will be at their local high school, potentially with some dual enrollment courses.

Fourth and fifth years will be at West Shore Community College full time.  (Students leave their local high school a year early to attend college.)


What does an “Early College” look like during the 4th and 5th year? 

During the 4th year, students will be able to participate at their local high school in sports, clubs, dances, and they may walk at graduation (with a certificate of attendance)

During the 5th year, students participate in ASM Tech graduation and WSCC graduation if earned.

5th Year Chart

How will students be selected? 

Ten categories worth an equal amount are focused on:

  • Grade Point Average

  • Letter of Application

  • Test Scores           

  • Value to Student

  • Completed Application    

  • Family Interview

  • Family Need            

  • STEM Essay

  • Graduation Progress       

  • Two Letters of Recommendation

How will being an Early College Student affect my future college scholarships and financial aid?

After graduating from ASM Tech, post-secondary educational institutions will view you as a first year college student.   This means that you will have the opportunity to qualify for freshman (first year) scholarships instead of transfer scholarships.  Plus, you may have 60 or more transferable college credits!