(L-R) Mr. Michalik, Mr. Turkett, and Mr. Brown

Learning to use the right tools in the right way is a big part of what students learn in the CTE Automotive Technology program.

The challenge for instructor John Michalik with this is making sure his students have state-of-the-art tools available for their hands-on experiences, and some of these tools are costly.

So you can imagine how Mr. Michalik felt when he received a call recently from Wonderland Tire located in Scottville. Store manager Chadam Brown was on the line with some exciting news.

Mr. Brown wanted Mr. Michalik to know Wonderland Tire had just ordered a brand new Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 tire pressure monitoring system service tool and wanted to donate it to the Automotive Technology program.

And how did Wonderland Tire know the CTE program needed one? (Good question!)

Well, about a week prior Wonderland Tire ordering the tire pressure monitoring system, Mr. Michalik had called Wonderland Tire to speak with one of the firm's professional about the best TMPS tool the CTE should purchase for his classroom.

At the time, Mr. Michalik had no way of showing his students how to properly use a TMPS system and reprogram sensors.

"I thought this would be the ideal time for Wonderland to purchase for the Automotive Tech class the same system we use in our company," said Mr. Brown, also an active member on the CTE Automotive Technology Advisory Board.

Upon receiving the system, it only took Mr. Michalik and Automotive Tech parapro Jake Turkett about a day to begin working with students on a car in their classroom shop in desperate need to have its tire pressure sensors reprogrammed.

"This was an incredibly generous gift from Wonderland Tire and Chadam Brown," said Mr. Michalik. "This tool will be used for a long time... and teaching real-life skills with real-life tools in real-life situations is what our class and CTE is all about."