Looking after each other's hearts – a beneficial activity

GSRP Early Childhood Supervisor Jeni Schafer faced a unique challenge in planning the recent "Welcome Back Professional Learning Day" for GSRP staff.

With the goal of providing additional training for staff prior to youngsters coming in for their 2023-2024 classes, Jeni wanted a special kick-off activity which would introduce and connect staff – veteran and new GSRP teachers alike – with each other at the beginning of the day's agenda.

 This was important because staff members who are part of the West Shore ESD's Great Start Readiness program work with students at various schools from all around the ESD's three-county service area.

The kick-off activity encouraged teaching teams to share special words or phrases about their colleagues and then write them down on wood hearts and present them personally to their respective peers.

This proved to be a great way to bring the GSRP staff together to launch another successful school year.