ASM Tech Grads

ASM Tech Early College High School celebrates 10th year anniversary with a standout class of 21 grads!

The ASM Tech Early College program on the campus of WSCC got started in 2014.

It is now wrapping up its 10th year of providing college credit academic and career development courses to qualified high school students from 12 area high schools in our region.

With a focus as an Academy of Science, Math, and Technology, ASM Tech serves in partnership with West Shore Community College, West Shore ESD, and local school districts.

By attending on-campus colleges courses exclusively during their senior and an extra "13th year" high school students who are accepted into the ASM Tech program as sophomores are able to graduate with a significant amount of college credits.

Among the 21 graduates in the Class of 2023, 13 students earned their WSCC associate degree and 11 of these students also graduated with honors or high honors from the college.

"Typically, about 70% of our students graduate with their associate degree and the other students earn 50 or more college credits on average," said Paula Moul, ASM Tech Coordinator. "I can't say enough about what this year's grads have achieved!"