Meg Presenting

Lifting up math education far and near

Meg Brown, WSESD math consultant, presented at the National
Math Recovery Conference in Spokane, WA in late April.

Meg presented with Jodi Redman, math consultant at Wexford-
Missaukee ISD, on Moving Beyond, “Ours is not to question why,
just invert & multiply!” or more commonly known as dividing

Recently, MiSTEM Network Region 9 convened regional
Secondary Math educators, for the Secondary Math Network.

Comprised of math educators teaching 5th grade through post-
secondary, network members gathered to discuss best practices,
current issues, and plan their ongoing collaboration in 2023-2024.

And as you can imagine – wherever it takes place – when math
teachers are able to get together and discuss what works best –
the students are the beneficiaries.