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Programs for Students with Moderate Cognitive Impairments

MoCI Programs

The West Shore ESD operates seven progressive MoCI programs for students ranging in age from 6 to 26. Three of the programs function as stand-alone classrooms embedded in general education settings, with one program housed at the Developmental Center. Fundamentally, all WSESD MoCI programs stress the development of functional skill acquisition, and as such, are designed to strengthen the educational, social and self-help skills of students.

MoCI teachers are supported by both paraprofessional and ancillary (professional) staff. Students work on functional academics through the Unique Learning System Curriculum (ULS).  ULS is a standards-based curriculum program designed specifically for students with disabilities.

WSESD MoCI Program Classroom Descriptions

The elementary level MoCI classrooms are housed in Ludington Area School District's Lakeview Elementary School and in Hart Public School District's Spitler Elementary School. These two classrooms serve students from 6-9 years of age. Emphasis is placed on developing communication skills, promoting independence, basic academics, readiness activities, and appropriate behavior and social skills. Students are afforded the opportunity to swim at West Shore Community College, attend story and craft time at the public library, and practice community skills at local restaurants.

The middle school level MoCI classrooms in Mason County Eastern School District's Elementary School, and in Shelby Public School Disrtrict's Middle School serves students from 9-12 years of age. They have an academic focus on counting, sight reading, telling time, using money and additional areas of functional academics. The classroom environment is structured to foster independence in areas of time management, community safety and personal care.  

The WSESD Developmental Center high school level MoCI classroom serves students from 12-26 of age. Highlighting a functionally-based learning approach, students also have certain opportunities to practice skills and knowledge with staff supervision in a variety of community-based settings.

Similar in some respects to the high school level MoCI program offered at the WSESD Developmental Center, the MoCI programs that are located in Ludington Area School District's Ludington High School (Trailblazers Classroom) and Hart School District's Hart High School are designed to support and prepare students for life after school. Students have ample opportunities to participate in Community Based Instruction, while learning and practicing a variety of life skills and vocational proficiencies. Students range in age from 13-26 years of age. 

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