Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification

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MDE Facts on Educator Certification

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Do I Need DPPDCHs?
DPPDCHs are used to renew the following certificates:

  • Professional Education Certificate
  • Advanced Professional Ed. Certificate
  • Occupational Education Certificate

 DPPDCHs can also be used to obtain a Professional Education Certificate when holding a Provisional Education Certificate but cannot be used to renew a Provisional Education Certificate.

Note: Only Public and Charter School Teachers can use DPPDCHs.

How Do I Renew My Certificate?
All certificate renewals take place on the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) at www.mi.gov/MOECS
You can renew your certificate starting on January 1 of the year your certificate expires.

Will my SCECHs be recorded in MOECS?
The Secure Central Registry (SCR) for SCECHs and MOECS talk to each other. When creating your MOECS account, take note of your PIC number. When you enter this number in your SCR account, the two will connect, and your SCECH records will show up in MOECS. This process may take a few days.
Please note that while MOECS and the SCR talk, it is a one-way street. SCECH records from the SCR will appear in MOECS, but any other records you enter in MOECS won't be shown in the SCR.


Do I Need SCECHs?
SCECHs are used to renew the following certificates: 

  • Professional Education Certificate
  • Advanced Professional Ed. Certificate
  • Provisional Education Certificate
  • Occupational Education Certificate
  • School Administrator Certificate
  • School Guidance Counselor License
  • School Psychologist Certificate
    (after September 1, 1992)

Note: Social workers cannot use SCECHs.

Social Worker CEUs
Social workers cannot use SCECHs towards their renewal. Social Work Continuing Education Units (SW-CEUs) are different from SCECHs. For more information on social worker certification, visit www.socialworkcec.com.

Generic CEUs are not SCECHs
Only SCECHs issued by the Michigan Department of Education are accepted toward certificate renewal.

Attendance Requirements
SCECH policy requires 100% verifiable attendance. Sign-in/out sheets are required. Sign-in/out sheets are the ONLY MDE-recognized method of verifying attendance. They cannot be altered in any way.

Participants are individually responsible for signing in and out.