ASM Tech Early College is a collaboration between West Shore E.S.D., Manistee I.S.D., and West Shore Community College.  Located on the College's campus, ASM Tech serves twelve different school districts through Mason, Lake, Oceana, and Manistee counties.

ASM Tech provides students the chance to earn up to 60 transferable college credits, and potentially an associate's degree or college certification, while they work towards their high school diploma.  ASM Tech's goal is to reach out to college ready students and provide them with the proper support services.

Students apply during their sophomore year in high school. The junior year focuses on preparing students to enter the college world while they remain in their local districts. During this time, students are encouraged to either dual enroll in WSCC courses or take a CTE class.

Students then enroll full-time into ASM Tech for their fourth and fifth years. During this time, each student will participate in Core Time, a high school credit through ASM, to fulfill the requirements to receive their diploma. The rest of their schedule is based around an individualized plan created to meet their career goals and academic abilities.

What is a "5th year"?
ASM Tech requires students to take an additional year of high school classes before graduating from ASM Tech. This is fulfilled by Core Time every semester.

How will students be selected?
      Ten criteria worth an equal amount are focused on:
       -Grade Point Average     - Letter of Application
       -Test Scores                    -Value to Student
       -Completed Application   -Family Interview
       -Family Need                   -STEM Essay
       -Graduation Progress      -Two Letters of Recommendation

How will being an Early College Student affect my future college scholarships and financial aid?
      Post-secondary educational institutions will view ASM Tech graduates as first year college students. This means that students will have the opportunity to quallif\y for freshman (first year) scholarships instead of transfer scholarships. Plus, they can also have up to 60 transferrable college credits!

What is involved in Core Time?
     Core Time is a required class for ASM Tech students

4th Year 1st Semester 4th Year 2nd Semester 5th Year 1st Semester 5th Year 2nd Semester
Focuses on college readiness and time management with weekly journals Focuses on financial literacy with a Dave Ramsey college course Focuses on applying to colleges and scholarships after graduation Focuses on life skills, coding, and planning for Student Summit


Can ASM students be a part of CTE classes?
    Yes, they can take any available CTE classes during their 3rd, 4th, and 5th years.

What activities can ASM students participate in on campus?
    ASM students qualify as full-time WSCC students, meaning they have free access to clubs, performing arts events, the rec center, and the ice arena.

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