Business Services

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It is the mission of the West Shore ESD Business Department to provide effective business, administrative, and operational support services. 


It is the vision of the West Shore ESD Business Department to become a leader in providing support services. 



  • To continue enhancing the capacity of business/operational staff
  • To continue to identify and implement methods that produce operational efficiencies
  • To work with West Shore ESD stakeholders to identify their business and operational needs
  • To develop a plan for enhancing communication with West Shore ESD's stakeholders  


The Business Services Department offers assistance to local schools in a variety of financial and business operations areas, including but not limited to:

  •  Audits
  • Budget strategy
  • Business office technical and general assistance
  • Cooperative purchasing
  • Federal grant assistance
  • County school district boundaries map
  • Guidance and technical assistance on new federal or state financial initiatives 
  • Liasion with local institutions, agencies, the Michigan Department of Education, and the Center for Performance and Information (CEPI)
  • Maintenance of Effort calculations
  • Medicaid payments and auditing
  • State reports
  • Student auditing and truancy services
Visit the West Shore Schools Business Cooperative  page to learn more about the services available to local schools.