Greetings from West Shore ESD:


As superintendent of West Shore Educational Service District, I am proud of the top-quality services our staff provides to the students and local school districts in our area.

West Shore ESD includes eight local public school districts. In addition, starting in 2016, the Gateway to Success Charter Academy, authorized by West Shore ESD, offers a project based learning alternative to students in our service area. That service area is spread out over 2,000 square miles in the Western Lower Peninsula of Michigan. There are approximately 8,300 students enrolled in our local districts and the staff of our ESD provides services, either directly or indirectly, for nearly 1,400 of those students who have special needs.

In addition, West Shore ESD maintains a long-standing partnership with West Shore Community College and provides career and technical education and early college opportunities for area students. Our general education team develops and delivers cutting edge professional development activities for all area staff members and promotes and leads enrichment opportunities for area students.

Our entire ESD team promotes efforts to identify and foster opportunities for collaborative services which decrease costs and/or increase efficiencies for our local districts. We believe in providing services that are student focused, demonstrate servant leadership, and foster a collaborative community.

I am honored to lead the ESD team in our never ending efforts to accomplish our mission of providing leadership and support to our local school districts.

Randy Howes

West Shore ESD Superintendent




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Randy Howes

Phone: 231-757-3716